What We Do

Education. Sport. Life. Opportunity

We currently provide the funding for 200 children from primary through to tertiary education. Each member is supported through his or her academics under a system of monitoring and mentoring. This system is aimed at instilling the value of hard work, independent thought and commitment. If these crucial values are encouraged at this stage we believe they will stay with the children throughout their lives.

34 of our members are studying in tertiary education. Our focus is on skills-based, career oriented courses. So nearly half of those members are at vocational institutes studying for qualifications in courses like nursing, automotive mechanics and graphic design. We also guide our undergraduates towards courses that offer good career opportunities - whether as a job-seeker or a job-creator. All UCTF alumni must be equipped with the tools to provide for themselves and their families. At the same time, by supplying the labour market with well qualified and highly motivated people, we hope to improve conditions for Ugandans everywhere.

The value of education is undisputed the world over. However, there remain thousands of children in most countries across the world that are still denied the right. Uganda is one of those countries. Even with commendable efforts by the government to reduce the barriers of entry, the costs of education mean countless children still go through their childhood without going to school.

Our reasoning is straightforward. We believe every child has the right to an education. Simple. However, we don't just believe they have a right to any old education; they have a right to a high quality, uninterrupted and comprehensive education. An education that really is, as one of our members so brilliantly described, 'a passport to a better future'.

  • Guarantee a quality and uninterrupted education to all our members.
  • Give every member an education that will provide the foundations for a better future.
  • Reward hard work and commitment with continued support right through to higher education and beyond.
  • Encourage and guide our members to realise and fulfill their potential.
  • Produce highly educated and motivated young people capable of inspiring others.
  • We offer 200 rolling scholarships to children living in abject poverty. Scholarships start from primary school and, providing the recipient continues to work hard and maintain a good attitude, they are guaranteed up to the end of higher education. 

Simply getting a child into school is not enough. It's a great start, but it is not the complete solution. Our scholarships offer exactly that, the complete solution. We take members on at primary level and work closely with them right up until they apply for their first job. This means by the time a member completes their scholarship we may well have worked with them for anywhere up to 17 years. We believe strong and lasting relationships offer stability and belonging, two things that often do not exist in many of our members' lives.

The Defining Pillars of Scholarships

  • Quality Institutions - We only use a select group of schools, universities and vocational institutes that offer high quality teaching.
  • Stability - We maintain a strong individual relationship with every member throughout his or her scholarship.
  • Mentoring - We provide individual mentoring to every member.
  • Monitoring & Assessment - We record and assess every member's academic progress. We encourage goal setting using 'improvement' as the primary indicator of success.
  • Diversity - Not everyone wants to be a lawyer in the same way not everyone wants to be a plumber. We encourage our members to pursue their interests and offer a range of possible routes to gaining the skills they need.
  • Career Focus - From the final years of school and throughout their higher education we provide extra support focused on preparing our members for the move into employment. 
  • Sports Development - We believe that sport is a vital component of the development of young people, offering both physical and mental benefits. 

Since 2001, UCTF has supported 520 young people in school and higher education through its scholarship programme, increasing the number of children in Uganda who finish school.