Who We Are

Who We Are

The UCTF's goal is to educate a focussed group of underprivileged (less fortunate) children in Uganda from ages 7 through University.  Educational scholarships are provided for children to attend partner (or trusted) schools that provide quality teaching within the current education system. 

Importantly, our UCTF dedicated facility in Kampala is a critical supplement to traditional classroom education.  This facility unites our students, provides a common identity and a shared experience, improves quality, focuses attention and allows us to provide mentoring whilst leveraging our administration.  

Through this environment (site, facility), entrepreneurial and vocational skills training, sports teams and athletic coaching and improvement of life skills, the UCTF better ensures our children can progress in life and have opportunities for their lifetime.

The primary issues that we aim to address lie both in the personal development of our members, as well as in the infrastructure under which that development take place. We believe our unique combination offers a distinctive and effective solution to many of these issues, this powerful partnership is capable of changing attitudes, inspiring confidence and building futures.

The Uganda Children Trust Fund offers underprivileged Ugandan children the chance to succeed in education, in sport and in life.

We believe the combination of a good academic education, the opportunity to play and enjoy sport, and the chance to develop the right vocational or entrepreneurial skills will provide vulnerable children from Uganda’s poorest communities the chance to succeed in life. Their future economic security will provide a means to lift their families and communities out of poverty, thus creating positive, and long-lasting, social change.

In turn, the creation of equal opportunities for Uganda’s most marginalised and vulnerable youth will foster the development of Uganda as an economically independent, culturally prosperous and meritocratic African nation.

We strive to provide support that is wholly relevant to the challenges and realities faced by young people in Uganda. We want to produce energetic, independent and skilled young people capable of excelling in today’s working environment.

  • To use education and sport as a vehicle for the empowerment and development of children.
  • To provide a support system that fosters self-belief and confidence in our members and encourages them to develop tangible goals and ambitions.
  • To commit to our members, we provide consistent and continued support throughout their education.
  • To produce confident, empowered, independent and skilled young people able to succeed in Uganda’s economy.

"Help us in continuing to believe that there are no limits to what we can do and who we can support. Help us, join us and become a person who irreversibly changes the life of another for the better, today."